Applied Behavioral Analysis in Kansas City

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Helping Children Achieve Their Full Potential

Kincare supports children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder to get the help and support they deserve to live happy and fulfilling lives!

Our ABA programs are designed to be both fun and supportive while encouraging the children to learn.

We’re Serious about Applied Behavioral Analysis!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based approach to learning and therapy. ABA relies on data collection to verify the effectiveness of our treatment methods.

By using a data-based approach for those seeking Applied Behavioral Analysis in Kansas City, Kincare identifies effective treatment methods that meet your child’s goals.

Benefits of ABA

Kincare uses ABA treatment to achieve benefits in a variety of areas! Some of the major skills include:

Improving and Increasing Communication Skills

This area focuses on language and communication to develop long-lasting critical thinking skills and the ability to engage and maintain a conversation with peers and adults.

Reducing Excessive Behaviors

We address excessive and undesired behaviors that are socially inappropriate and potentially dangerous by replacing them with those that are safer and more suitable.

Building Relationships With Peers and Adults

Developing social skills through structured play helps children learn to build trust and make connections.

Our Team

Kincare takes great care in selecting amazing Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to provide clients with the best ABA treatment possible.

All Kincare RBTs are individually certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and undergo thorough background checks. Additionally, we ensure our RBTs have the opportunity to gel with clients and their families, a process that maximizes the potential of ABA therapy.

Is Kincare right for you and your family?

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See what our clients say

My family has been with Kincare for over four years. During this time, Kincare has made fantastic progress with our daughter. Her communication skills have shown significant improvement, which reduced tantrum behaviors. Our daughter now does household chores and daily grooming all on her own. We feel that Kincare prioritizes our family’s needs while applying the principles of ABA.


Kincare did a great job with our son. They took great care in selecting appropriate programs to help our son improve his behavior at home and school. He was able to pay attention in class and focus at home as well. Kincare staff also worked with him to reduce his behaviors at home, which has made a big difference in our everyday lives.

G. J.

The Kincare staff has been wonderful to us. They always take time to listen to our concerns as well as working with our schedule. We have noticed a big difference in our son’s behavior, which has been great for our whole family. His tantrums have stopped, and his ability to communicate with us has really increased

M. A.